Open Beta Event / Pre-Registration Gifts

Be sure to join the open beta event to collect freebies!

What are the open beta events?

  • Event 1 – Adventurer’s gift mission – limited time to accept at Tylin (Server Opening)
  • Event 2 – Double rewards for Training Ground Challenge (Limited time only)
  • Event 3 – Time Rift “Celebration Lucky Bags” limited only!
  • Event 4 – Kafra, Co’s presents!
  • Event 5 – “Celebration Lucky Bags” available on B Coin Store for limited time only
  • Event 6 – The invasion! Labyrinth Forest’s secret! MINI boss raging.
  • Event 7 – Midgard Geographic setting up Bounties! Taking Boss Picture for loots!
  • Event 8 – Double rewards for Mission Board (Limited time only)

How to claim the pre-registration gifts?

  1. Login to the game. You will be summoned on the 1st map which is the Prontera South Gate.
  2. Go to Prontera, located above Prontera South Gate.
  3. Walk straight up until you see the Kafra on the left side. Look for NPC Miu. She’s located on the 2nd floor of the building just behind the Kafra with “Special Events” bubble.
  4. Talk to NPC Miu. Select Pre-Regist. Gift. Click Confirm. You will receive 50 White Potion, 1 Novice Ring, 1 Novice’s Love Card, 1 Gajah Headwear, 50 Blue Potion, 50 Fly Wing, 5 Mysterious Box and 30 Big Cat Voucher II.
  5. Talk to NPC Miu again. Select Claim Growth Pack. Click Confirm. You will receive 1 Level 10 Growth Pack.
  6. Walk straight to the top until you see NPC Tylin in the middle. Talk to NPC Tylin. Select New Adventure (1). You will receive 30 Big Cat Voucher, 2 Lightning Chain, 3 Mercenary’s Mission, 5 Kafra Transport Ticket, 5 Kafra Cargo Ticket.
  7. On the upper right corner of your screen, click the More button. Then click Facebook. Click Claim. You will receive your gift in the mail.
  8. On the upper right corner of your screen, click the Mail button. Then click Collect.
    For more information, you can also check Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love’s Official FB Page here: .