Al De Baran Kafra Cadele’s Questions and Answers

You can get the answers to Cadele’s quest, the Kafra Clerk at Aldebaran, from the 2 Kafras near her. But if you’re feeling lazy, you can also check out the answer to her questions below.

Logistics Basics – Find and talk with Elodie, Sakura and Sicily nearby respectively. Then reply to Cadele.(Answer: 2-4-2-1)

  1. You know how old the Kafra is?
    Answer: 5000 Years
  2. For the clock tower in Al De Baran, our staff visit it:
    Answer: Rarely
  3. Which are not Kafra head office’s main guests in Al De Baran?
    Answer: Thief Union
  4. Which counts for Al De Baran high development?
    Answer: Canal System