Al De Baran Minstrel Hannesson’s Questions and Answers

I’m not yet done with finishing all the Minstrel quests but for the mean time, here are the answers to Hannesson’s questions at Aldebaran.

Mogarda – time: Talk to Hannesson Winter (Answer: 3-2-3)

  1. Answer my first question. In Ymir’s story, what monster did Hand in Shadow destroy?
    Answer: Dracula
  2. Second Question. In Los Rabil’s story, what organization did Los Rabil join in the end?
    Answer: Hand of Goddess
  3. Third Question. In Gain Noth’s story, who was the girl Gain Noth loved?
    Answer: Che

Legend of the Werewolf (Answer: 1-1-2)

  1. Answer my first question. In the story of Shahelly, what was the job of the man Shahelly loved?
    Answer: Knight
  2. Now, the second question. In the story of Solo Took, what was the title of Solo Took?
    Answer: The Raging One
  3. Third question. In the story of Star Marks, who did Star Marks tried to kill a knife?
    Answer: Young Commander