How to Find Weird Goblin

Honestly, this is one heck of a difficult quest! Not because it’s difficult to find the Weird Goblin but because many auto-attack players are accidentally killing it!

How to Find Weird Goblin:

  1. Go to Goblin Forest.
  2. Find a talkative trash-talking goblin of any type. I also refer to it as the Weird Goblin Candidate. I find him most of the time near the violet circle dome. But you can also find him on other places.
  3. Once you find him, make sure there are no other auto-attacking players nearby or you risk the talkative trash-talking goblin getting killed!
  4. Attack the trash-talking goblin ONCE ONLY to set it as your character target.
  5. Use a Dumber laser gun on it. (You can buy the Dumber Laser Gun from Fred, the Minstrel Toy Merchant, selling Amazing Toys at Geffen. Just to be sure buy at least 5 of it or more.)
  6. By using Dumber laser gun on it, the talkative trash-talking goblin might turn to a dwarf or a giant.
  7. If it turns to a dwarf, just kill it and it will respawn on the same spot.
  8. Use the Dumber laser gun on it again and redo the process until it turns to a giant.
  9. If it turns to a giant, attacking it will turn it to a Goblin Star!
  10. Kill it to finish your quest.