How to Get Raccoon Leaf

To get a Raccoon Leaf, you’ll need a lot of patience if you prefer to hunt it by yourself! Here is how you can maximize your opportunity to get a Raccoon Leaf!

Raccoon Leaf is needed to level up your character from Adventurer Class F to Adventurer Class E. So, at some point, you’ll to get at least 2 of it so you can move to the next Adventurer Level.

How to Get Raccoon Leaf in Ragnarok Mobile

  1. Auction House – Due to the difficulty of acquiring Raccoon Leaf by yourself, the easiest way to get Raccoon Leaf is to buy it at auction house despite its high price.
  2. Smokie Mini Boss – The conventional way to get Raccoon Leaf is to hunt Smokie which is located at South Prontera. Smokie appears every 30 minutes after it died. But since there are a lot players hunting it, you need to be very alert because the Smokie can die just seconds after it appeared! I tried this once and I don’t want to try it again because it’s very time consuming and not worth the effort considering the low probability of getting a rare item.
  3. Pet Adventure Guide Book (Prontera Chest) – An alternative way, and probably easier than hunting Smokie, is to make your pet do quest using the Pet Adventure Guide Book. Just look for it on the Pet Adventure Book in your bag. Select a quest which drops Prontera Chest. The Prontera Chest has a chance to give you a Racoon Leaf.