Mandragora Crafting Item: Where To Get Guide

Crafting is one of the best ways to get awesome equipments. One of the items required in most crafting equipments is Mandragora. Getting Mandragora is not as straightforward as compared with getting a Jellopy. So we will teach you the easiest way to get Mandragora.

Steps In Getting Mandragora Crafting Item:

Requirement: You must have an access to Capital Sewer 2F. If not, finish all the quests in Capital Sewer 1F first.

1. Go to Capital Sewer 2F and kill Thief Bug Egg.
2. After killing it, it will spawn one of the following:

  • Small Thief Bugs
  • Female Thief Bugs
  • Male Thief Bugs
  • Powerful Male Thief Bugs
  • Thief Bug Male ★ (This is what we are looking for!)

male thief bug star

3. Kill Thief Bug Male ★. Congratulations! You will get 1 or 2 Mandragora.
mandragora crafting item obtained

Happy crafting! ^^