Level 80: Glast Heim Minstrel Questions and Answers

I seldom read the minstrel stories so I had a hard time guessing the answers to these. Lol. But seriously, who would like to read the long bard stories? Anyway, I compiled the answers to the Glast Heim (GH) Quest Minstrel Belmond Ellen’s Questions here.

Before you proceed, take note that the Glast Heim Quests, including Minstrel Belmond Ellen’s Quests, will only be unlocked on Level 80.

Dark Falls Questions – Talk to Minstrel Belmond Ellen (Answer: 2-1-3)

  1. Who is the master of Hollgrehenn the blacksmith in Prontera?
    Answer: Hayward
  2. In Eremes’ story, which monster gained control over Eremes’ father?
    Answer: The Dark Illusion
  3. In Solo Took’s story, what’s the name of Solo Took’s wife?
    Answer: Korena

King Schmitz Questions – Talk to Minstrel Belmond Ellen (Answer: 2-1-1)

  1. In Yarsuharka the Sabertooth’s story, which term of Kobold prophet did Yarsuharka serve as?
    Answer: The First
  2. Reyen, Morgan, and Maria have one mentor. What’s her name?
    Answer: Circe
  3. Which guild did Los Rabil belong to before joining in the Hand of Goddess?
    Answer: The Assassins’ Guild

Wisdom Family Questions – Talk to Minstrel Belmond Ellen (Answer: 3-1-2)

  1. In Sibigay’s story, what is Sibigay’s profession?
    Answer: Puppeteer
  2. In Lavure’s story, what magic did Lavure cast?
    Answer: Ancient Magic
  3. In Elke’s story, what did Elke want to exchange the Goddess necklace for?
    Answer: Goddess’s Tear