Where To Find Sohee Star

There is a Lvl 60+ quest in Payon Cave 2F which asks you to kill Sohee Star. But the tricky part is where to find it. We will teach you the best way to find her.

How to Find Sohee Star (Bonus: Get Amethyst):

Requirement: You must have the adventure skill Ghost Camera.

  1. Go to the lower right portion of Payon Cave 1F.
    Sohee Star Payon Cave 1F Map 
  2. Open your camera. Walk around and look for a purple orb.
    Sohee Star Camera Mode Purple Orb 
  3. Focus it with your camera then shoot. Close your camera. It might spawn a ghost monster or Sohee Star.
    Sohee Star Appearance 
  4. Kill it. You will finish your quest and get an Amethyst!