Close Beta Review

Hello! Finally, Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love English Version is out! I created this fan page to share you guides on the different jobs / classes available on the game and other infos. I hope you will find this site useful! ^^

So how’s Ragnarok Mobile compared to the original Ragnarok PC game?

  • Everyone, regardless of your chosen job on character creation starts at the south of Prontera.
  • The game is quest-based. At the same time, it’s easier to level up by quest rather than by killing monsters.
  • Everyone can change their 1st job at Prontera.
  • The controls are very easy to use. There is an option for auto-attack and auto-navigation.
  • The map is smaller.
  • Your stats gets reset on job change.


Here’s a teaser on the different 1st jobs available with their specialization:


  • Archer – Ultra Long Range, Physical and High Single Target DPS
  • Acolyte – Ranged, Magic, Heal and Support
  • Merchant – Battle, Support, Trading Master
  • Mage or Magician – Ranged, Magic and AOE Damage
  • Swordsman – Melee, Physical, High Attack and Defense
  • Thief – Melee, Physical and High Burst

That’s it for now! By the way, the close beta is already down and the open beta will be up on October 31, 2018. For the mean time, you can click on the links above to learn more about the different jobs.